Our Story || Baby Talk


I’m asked (often) why I left my career as a lawyer to open a baby store. The simple answer is: I’m obsessed with babies. The longer answer is: I’m obsessed with how babies change us.

I’ve learned plenty from becoming a parent, and nothing surprised me more than discovering I now spoke a universal language: Baby.

If you love a baby- you too speak Baby. It’s the language artists, celebrities, businessmen, stay-at-home parents, women and men alike find as common ground with each other. We learn it by experiencing the fear, awe, joy, and humbling all encompassing love unexpectedly bestowed on all who anticipate a baby. And we speak Baby with strangers as we trade stories about the way our little one came to us, and how she is meeting milestones and developing; How parenting is blowing our mind and nothing accurately prepared us for this profoundly personal yet universal journey.

Speaking Baby allows people with nothing else in common to instantly relate. I love this.

So, I determined that these little folks are the most significant part of our world, our hope to communicate with each other and fix all that’s wrong with today. They are important and we share the honor of raising them. And to be a part of people’s lives as they prepare for their little world-changers seems pretty special to me.

I created a baby boutique that reflects how special I find babies and I planted it in the place I feel most comforted. Through Lullanest East Hampton, Lullanest.com and our Lullanest Blog, I hope to proliferate the relaxed confidence we felt when things were a little simpler, shopping was an experience, words were used sparingly and little quaint boutiques on Main Streets carried everything you need.