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Josh Guberman


We're unsure if we’re more impressed by Josh Guberman the real estate expert and development phenomenon or Josh Guberman the new husband and father incredibly in touch with what both roles mean to him. Our Father’s Day Feature dad shares with us some essential Hamptons real estate tips and heartwarming insight about family.

Where in the Hamptons do you stay?
I have stayed in or owned a home in Southampton Village since 1997. It is my favorite community and close to movies, restaurants and great shopping all on Job's Lane or Main Street.

Can you tell us about your spouse and children..
I have an extraordinary wife Meggan and an adorable, beautiful and precocious (even now!!) 9 month old baby girl Logan Nicole. I am truly blessed to have found my life partner and the fact that she has given my the most precious gift (my daughter) is icing on the cake!

Can you share with us what surprised you most about becoming a dad?
The depth and level of love I feel for my daughter combined with a profound sense of responsibility to protect and care for her. I also realize the constant need to set a good example for her in living a life of health and wellness and integrity and kindness toward others. It has also taken my relationship with my wife to whole new level. It such a richer deeper love. We still say we cannot believe that together we made this sweet little baby!

As a dad, what baby product did you weigh-in on the most?
Nutrition and safety are my areas so I send a lot of time reading about new healthy foods and products as well as keeping our homes safe and fun. I also love finding super fun educational toys that engage and challenge Logan on every level. Seeing her smile or laugh while playing is the ultimate reward!

What phrase or word has changed its meaning for your since becoming a father?
Commitment. I have always understood and appreciated the commitment required for meaningful friendships, a loving marriage and successful professional endeavors. However fatherhood has taken this word to a whole new level. Being a dad is the definition of commitment because it brings with it a lifetime of dedication, responsibility, protection and nurturing a child needs. it is the most joyous type of commitment I have ever experienced and the most intense and demanding.

Has becoming a parent adjusted the way you approach your business?
In a very serious way, I realize that my work is now a distant second to my love for my wife and daughter. As a dad who waited a long time to start a family, I have already climbed the mountains and achieved most of what I envisioned. Logan and Meggan have become my priority. The lure of more financial success and professional achievement has faded and has been replaced with a focus on family and friendships.

What advice would you give families looking to purchase a home in the Hamptons?
We are in the midst of the most remarkable real estate boom in the history of the Hamptons. More product is being brought to market then ever before and previously second tier areas (north of the highway, Shinnecock, Noyac, etc) are also seeing tremendous expansion and growth. Given the nature of this "seller's market", it is important for families to be clear about their specific needs (size of house, size of lot, # of bedrooms/baths, amenities and features, neighborhood) than ever before. Once they are clear about what type of property they seek and where they want to live, they should engage a seasoned and experienced broker that has sold and listed multiple properties in that area. Many brokers specialize in a given neighborhood and have their finger on the pulse of valuations and recent transactions. They can tell you about trending (price changes at any given time) and share accurate and detailed comps to insure you are getting the most house for your money. That said, I see a major correction in the market within the next 6-24 months so my suggestion is if you don't have to buy something right now, then rent or stay on the sidelines until there is a price adjustment and inventory glut. When the climate changes to a "buyer's market" you will have more leverage and negotiating strength. In addition, there is an unprecedented spike in luxury housing starts and spec houses. This means a clear saturation point will develop, separate and distinct from a market correction. Once again, this is an ideal time for well qualified buyers to be patient and position themselves for great financial opportunities in the near future.

What are you most proud of professionally this year?
My ability to slow down and reflect on the extraordinary journey my career has been. After well over two decades of building a successful development business in New York city, I spent the last three years hand crafting very special Hamptons luxury homes and grand estates under the Guberman Group. brand. We set records in several communities and attained a standard of excellence and market reception that was humbling and gratifying. To enter such a special market as a seasoned New York city developer and learn this new area (luxury home construction) was wonderful. I am living in such gratitude for all the brokers, real estate professionals, sub contractors, suppliers and most importantly wonderful clients who welcomed us and participated in the successful launch of the Guberman Group residential home division. It was indeed a wonderful experience and we are very proud of what we accomplished.

What are you most proud of personally this year?
My transition from an intense and myopic focus on work and career to a dedication to family time and relationship building with my wife and daughter. I have been blessed to be able to achieve success beyond my wildest dreams. It is made much more special by the retooling of my priorities and the effort I am able to put into being a very "present" dad and bringing my family joy and support.

How long have you come out to the Hamptons?
I have been coming out to the East end since I was 7 or 8. At that time, the LIE was barely a two lane road after Riverhead and most of the areas that are fully developed were potato fields or farms. My time was spent in Quogue on my best friends 13 foot Boston Whaler fishing and exploring the sound! It was a different and more innocent time but interestingly enough, despite major development in Quogue, the town is still essentially one main street with a little general store!

What time of year do you prefer and why?
Mid May (just before season starts) is my favorite. The air is ripe with the possibility of a magic summer, the greenhouses are just releasing the bright and lush annual flowers and prepping the house for the summer is in full swing. There is a combination of excitement and anticipation that can't be beat!

How has the way you spend your time in the Hamptons changed since becoming a parent?
Instead of going to myriad events and dinners and charity functions, we are more careful about how much we go out. We treasure this time with Logan and want to be there for every moment. As a result, it is more BBQ than Polo !!

Can you please describe a typical weekend in the Hamptons?
Time at the ocean (Cooper's beach when we can) grabbing fresh produce at road side stands, beach cook outs and pool side barbecues are the focus for our weekends and we are blessed to be able to devote time and energy to being with our loved ones. We like to host and cook and drink good wine and relax. It is definitely not the Hamptons of my single days!

It’s bedtime for the kiddos, what’s next?
Although we attend myriad functions and events during the course of the summer, our focus now is on spending quality time with family and friends and connecting in a way that can't be duplicated in the city. We usually will arrange a fun dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and walk the main streets of each village eating ice cream and having some laughs! Some music at Stephen's Talkhouse is always a good change of pace as well!

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