Enjoying the Hamptons
and Parenting Two with
Molly Sims


Supermodel stunning and yet as sweet and down-to-earth as your best neighborhood mom friend. Molly Sims gets real with us about pregnancy, parenting, getting your body back after the second baby and her low-key ways to enjoy the Hamptons with family. Molly and husband Scott Stuber are parents to Brooks Alan age 3 and recently welcomed daughter Scarlett May only 11 weeks ago.

Where in the Hamptons do you stay?
Wainscott, NY (East Hampton)

Can you tell us about your spouse and children?
My husband, Scott, is a film producer. My little boy, Brooks is almost 3 and my Scarlett will be 3 months soon!

In what ways would you say you were different during this pregnancy as compared to your first?
I only gained HALF my baby weight with my second! With Brooks I gained almost 80 pounds, I was swollen and retaining fluid, and I had bad melasma and acne. But since I’d never been pregnant before I didn’t know – I just thought this was how it was supposed to be. With baby number two, I’ve only gained about half of that and I’ve felt much more energetic. My melasma hasn’t gotten bad, and, the best part, I haven’t had a single blemish. I definitely have learned how to maintain healthier habits!

How did you change through the experience of becoming a mother and how were you changed by becoming a mother to two?
I was so ready to be a mom and I don’t regret waiting like I did! Being a mother teaches you how to be selfless and that really has translated into all other parts of my life. Being a mother of two, I realize how special each moment with my kids are and how important that alone time with each of them is. I am so blessed to have two healthy babies! Being a mother has given me happiness I never imagined possible!

Bouncing back after baby two, can you tell us your secrets? Many say it’s harder to get back in shape after the second. What has been your experience?
I was definitely more conscious of my health and weight gain for my second pregnancy. Health starts even before the baby is conceived! So if you are conscious while pregnant it won’t be so bad after the birth. As of now, I’m bumping up my work out routines and eating healthy, whole food meals. I’m working directly with Kimberly Snyder, an amazing nutritionist that developed the “Beauty Detox Diet” as well as Body by Simone for my training sessions.

What phrase or word has changed its meaning for your since having kids?
“There’s not one path.” There are so many different ways to do things, parenting specifically. Moms always think, “Oh, I’m not doing it right!” and that’s just stupid. If someone tries to tell you there’s just one way, don’t listen to them. Also, I never truly knew what “It takes a village” meant until now!

Any advice for preparing the first baby for the arrival of the second?
It’s natural to be worried about the first child and how they will adjust. I’ll admit it, I knew there wouldn’t be as much alone time with Brooks and I would miss that. But just be open with your child and let him know that if anything…there is now more love to go around! Also, putting in that effort once the second child comes to make that one-on-one time. We love going for ice cream together!

What are you most proud of professionally this year?
The launch of my book, The Everyday Supermodel, which ended up #1 of NY Times best seller list! There was so much hard work put into the development and I am so happy how it turned out.

What are you most proud personally this year?
Giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, Scarlett. She is a great addition to my little family and Brooks is a great big brother!

How long have you come out to the Hamptons?
Around 16 years now. I look forward to it every year!

Please describe a typical weekend here.
Outside ALL day enjoying the beautiful weather! Summer parties, at the beach, enjoying the food (lobster rolls. Yum!)

What restaurants do you recommend for outings with children?
Botswick’s Chowder House has an awesome laid-back atmosphere perfect for kids! Also check out Tutto Il Giorno… it’s my absolute FAVORITE!

You only have time for one family activity or event in the Hamptons- what is it?
Seinfeld’s Lemonade Stand. I was driving around, showing my friend the neighborhood when I saw a bunch of kids selling lemonade out of an awesome vintage trailer. Turned out it was Jessica Seinfeld and her children working to earn donations for their charity, Baby Buggy. It’s such a fun and refreshing pit stop for an awesome cause. Clam bakes are always super fun for the family.

Advice for parents who are new to the Hamptons?
The Hamptons is a relaxing place…so be relaxed! It’s one of the best places to be with your family because of it’s laid-back atmosphere. So just enjoy it!

You leave the house with your child in the Hamptons for the entire day. What must-have items do you bring with you?
A huge “emergency” bag with all the necessities! Snacks, sunscreen, extra clothes, swimsuits, etc.

It’s bedtime for the kiddos, what’s next?
We are lucky to have a great group of friends in The Hamptons every summer. We love to see them every chance we get!

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